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Tips for Getting the Best Deals while Travelling in Groups

Use the power of group bookings to get great discounts!

While travelling is without a doubt one of the best activities, it becomes even more interesting when some friends are involved in it too. Travelling in a group becomes a challenge when the group members are on a budget. The budget restricts some of the fun activities but it by no means restricts you from having a lot of fun. There is always a way to make an economical trip a success and the following tips might help you in achieving that goal.

Define your itinerary of places and activities

The first thing you need to do is to take a paper and list down all the destinations that you are going to visit and activities you would like to engage in. Do not hesitate to put down the names of places that you desire to visit as well. Once these have been listed, get hold of your computer and search for some group deals that are always floating around online regarding the places that you want to visit. Such deals might be related to accommodation, package deals on activities and all in costs for activities and accommodation.

You also don’t have to wait for package deals to present themselves, just contact your preferred accommodation choices which will usually be determined by referrals, as you have to rely on referrals to ensure that you have an idea of what your getting, especially when you are booking the adventure on behalf of other people. When you have determined what your options are, approach the supplier and hassle them for a group discount.

Discount may not always be in the form of a reduction in the cost but they may be able to throw in some extra features like food, drink, transport, free admission to activities, etc…

Other areas to save money on travelling

Book Early:
The best way to cut down significant costs of travelling is by booking the tickets or accommodation in advance. There are some airlines that give discounts on bulk purchases of tickets, and since you are traveling in a group, you are likely to get such discounts. Moreover, airlines usually keep fares low initially, but as the day of flight nears, the prices of tickets start to increase, so make sure you book the tickets in advances. If you do not really know how many friends will be travelling, make sure to at least make a reservation to the destination directly with an airline.

Student Discounts:
If you are a student then maximize your student discount facility but keep it this discount weapon until you have negotiated all other discounts. It may not add anything to what you have already negotiated but you’ll never know until you ask!

Last Minute Deals:
If you’re the type that likes to live on the edge there is also some great last minute deals because at this stage the hotel is just happy to fill the rooms and if someone comes to them with a group of potential customers they will be reluctant to let you go. Think of the discounts they are giving some of the last minute booking websites to get the rooms occupied which includes the discount you are been offered by the broker site and the commission they are getting you showing you the offer!
So why not make the call yourself to the accommodation supplier and negotiate the deal yourself!

How to Get Organised!

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