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How it Works:

GroupandPay.com is the Simple Way for Groups to Pay for Anything, especially for Hen Parties!.

GroupandPay.com is a simple to use group payments application, that makes it so simple for an entire group to see whats been organized for them, see how much each person in the group has to pay, see who’s in the collection, and see who has paid, and who still has to pay, so the entire group can get involved in making sure that everyone is paid up on time.

Automated emails will be sent at 14 day, 7 day, 5 day, 3 day, and 24hr stages before the deadline to remind the group that the deadline for payment is approaching. This ensures that there are no excuses for not knowing about the deadline, as everyone can see this, and get involved in ensuring that everyone has paid up on time.

GroupandPay.com is available in 200+ Countries, and it’s so simple to use, that it can be used by Anyone, Anywhere for Anything!

Don’t take our word on how simple it is to use it, Scroll down to use our “Take it for a Test Drive Feature”, where you will be invited to a “Live Sample Collection”, so you can see how it works for yourself!

GroupandPay.com is also a Group Payment Solution for Businesses. To learn more on this, Click Here!

There is No-Fee for…

Setting up a Collection!

There is No-Fee for…

Availing of the automated email, and SMS alerts that inform the group of what the collection is for. There is also No-Fee for the automated reminders that are sent by email at 14 day, 7 day, 5 day, 3 day, and 24 hour stages prior to the payment deadline.

There is No-Fee for…

Manually marking someone off as “Paid” if they have paid Offline in cash, if this is OK with the organizer.

There is a Fee for…

Paying into the collection online with your Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal Account. This fee is ONLY 1% that is charged for the services that GroupandPay supplies. This fee is added to the amount each person pays when they only use the online option for paying into the collection. Paying online is the quickest and most convenient way to pay into the collection. PayPal may also charge their standard Credit Card processing fees.

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Cool Tips for Organizing Hen and Stag Parties!

Check out these Cool Tips for getting the most from using GroupandPay.com for organizing and collecting the money your Hen and Stag Parties!

1) You can always set up a collection and collect the money in one go, but if you want to make the payment for the outing easy to manage for your members, then you can set up a collection for a deposit. This deposit can be used to book accommodation, transport, or even flights if your going abroad. Set this initial collection with a short deadline. This is a great way to get the commitment from the Group and an idea of numbers going.

2) Set up a second collection for the balance of the amount due, and set this collection with a later deadline. The cool thing is, you don’t have to add the members again, as you can do this from the click of a button. To do this, go to the “My Collections” page, and click on the option “Create a New Collection with these Members”. You can always add, or remove members as required.

3) If you want to invite the same group to another collection at a later date, just repeat the instructions in Step 2. You can always add and remove members to and from the collection as required!

So How Simple is That???

What Are You Waiting For? Start a Collection Today!!!

Hen and Stag Parties on GroupandPay

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Create a Collection for a Hen and Stag party on GroupandPay.com

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