A Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up a Collection!


GroupandPay.com is the Easy Way for Groups to Pay for Anything!

GroupandPay.com is a simple automated, online group payments system that makes it so simple for an organizer to inform their group of whats been organized for them, and inform them of how much they have to pay. The entire group also gets to see who is in the collection, and they also get to see who has paid, and who still has to pay, which ensures that the entire group can get involved in making sure the everyone is paid up on time.


Here’s how it works:

To Set Up a Collection:

  • 1) Hit the “Start a Collection” button on the homepage of GroupandPay.com.
  • 2) Add a title to the collection.
  • 3) Add the details of the collection (Transport, Accommodation, Activity, Etc.).
  • 4) Add the amount each member has to pay.
  • 5) Set the deadline for payment.
  • 6) Add a cool picture that represents what your collection is for.


Add members to the collection:

You only need three pieces of information to add a member to the collection:

  • 1) A Members Name
  • 2) A Members Mobile Number
  • 3) A Members Email

For the next step you hit the “Notify the Group” Button. Once you have the group notified, then that’s your job done as an organizer, as the rest of the process here is mostly automated, as now it’s over to the Members of your collection for the next step!


What the Members have to do?

1) The members receive a text alert, and an email alert informing them that “Mary O Brien” has invited them to a collection for “A Wild Party in Vegas”, and they can click on the link attached in the email, or SMS to see what’s been arranged for them.

2) After clicking the link the members see what the organizer has arranged for them, how much they have to pay, and the options they have for paying,

There are two ways to pay into the collection, Online and Off-line.

3) To pay “Online” the member hits the “Pay Now” button, and can pay in the same way they pay for everything else on the internet, with their Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account if they have one. This money goes straight into the organizers PayPal account, as the Organizer of the collection is the only person that needs to have a PayPal account. From there the organizer can pay for the items in the collection, or alternatively they can download the money to their bank account. This online payment process automatically marks the member off as “Paid” on the system.

4) The other option is to pay “Off-line”. If its OK with the organizer, members of the group can pay the organizer in cash, then the organizer can mark them off as paid on the system, which is very easy to do.

5) The significance of been marked off as “Paid” on the system is because when the Member is first introduced to the details of the collection, there is a section that shows the names of who is invited to the collection, but it also shows who is “Paid” and “Pending”. There are two benefits for having this transparent feature:

  • a) Every one can now help out on reminding others, that they have to pay before the deadline, which is a great help to the organizer of the collection as they were the only person who had this information until GroupandPay.com appeared.
  • b) Some collections have failed, because not all of the members have paid up on time, and therefore the trip may have been cancelled. This is a bit unfair for the members that have paid up on time, as they would miss out. This issue might have been caused by lack of communication from the organizer, which is a problem that GroupandPay solves, as members get automated email reminders that the deadline is approaching in 14 day, 7 day, and 24 hour stages, and in these reminders they can click through to see the real time status of the collection.


So What Does it Cost?

1) There is “No Cost” for the following:

  • a) There is no cost for an organizer to set up a collection on GroupandPay.com.
  • b) There is no cost for an Organizer to use the automated text and email notifications, including the deadline email reminders.
  • c) There is no cost for an Organizer to receive payments Off-line, where they can mark the members off as paid on the system.

2) There is a Cost if a member uses the option to “Pay Online”.

The organizer determines how the members pay into the collection, whether its Online only, or online or Offline, or Offline only. When members pay online, which is the convenient and fast way to pay into the collection, then they only get charged a 1% commission rate on top of the amount they have to pay into the collection. This 1% is capped at a maximum charge of $5 USD per collection, or the equivalent in your local currency. This suits collections that have higher price points for example, Diving Trips, Safari Trips, etc. Again there are no charges for members that pay offline if the organizer permits it.

3) PayPal also charge their standard rates for processing credit card transactions, or there is no transaction charge if you are paying with funds lodged in your PayPal account.


What You Need to Set Up a Collection:

1) PayPal Account Details:

Ensure you have the details of your “verified” PayPal account to hand. What you need is your first name, your second name, and the email address you used when you set up your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry its easy to set one up on PayPal.com

2) Members Details:

To notify the members of your group about the collection all you need is their name, mobile number and email. You can always add, or remove members as you go along. Before you add the members to the collection, be sure that they are aware of the collection, and that they are OK with been added to the collection. They can always be removed later, if they don’t want to be involved.

You can also reuse your list of members for another collection, which saves having to re-enter everyone’s details again.

4) An Image that Represents the Collection:

You can upload an image to represent your collection, so have a cool image ready for this. This can be a group picture of your friends, or a picture of the activity you are engaging in, your club logo, your business logo, etc.

You also have the option to use a relevant image from the GroupandPay library.


Add a Co-Manager to the Collection:

If your a business that relies on groups of people for your business, or just a friend of the organizer who wants to help out, you can set up a collection for the organizer, and then add the organizer as a co-manager to the collection, so they can easily add the details of their friends


Other Cool Features:

1) On every step of setting up, or viewing a collection there is a “Live Chat” feature that connects you directly with one of our support representatives, who will be delighted to help you with any queries you may have. There are also audio instructions on the top of each page, of each step of the collection. There is also an interactive support forum available on the support page, where you can get support or advice from the worldwide GroupandPay Community, so there’s plenty of help on hand!!

2) For some trips that require a deposit, or upfront payments to secure flights for example, you can set up a collection for the deposit and set an early deadline. You can then set up another collection for the balance for a later deadline.

3) Once you have your member’s details on the system and you want to set up another collection, you don’t have to re-enter all the details of your members again. There is a simple button that says “Start a new collection with these members”, which does exactly what it says on the tin. From this you can add members or remove others as required.

4) In the description area give as much detail as possible that makes the trip exciting for your friends. Add links to accommodation, activities, etc. so the members can see what you have organized for them.

5) If the trip doesn’t go ahead it’s very easy for an organizer to refund the money from their PayPal account.

6) There is a Live Chat feature on every step of setting up a collection so if you have any queries we are there to help in a live capacity.

7) We have lots of suggestions on how the system can be used for various collections in our “Tips and Tricks” Section.

8) You can easily edit any of the details of your collections at any time from the “My Collections” option.

9) You can easily transfer the funds from your PayPal account to your bank account, with no charge for this service from PayPal. This process may take a day or two to transfer.

10) You can view all of the most popular FAQ’s in case you have a simple query that may have already been asked by another user.

11) GroupandPay is available in 203 countries and in 26 different currencies. It will soon be available in a multiple of different languages with German, Spanish, French, and simplified Chinese to start with.



Technically an organizer can set up a collection on GroupandPay, and use all the features for informing the group of what the collection is for, make use of the automated text and email notification systems, use the “Paid” and “Unpaid” feature, and in the end advise all their members to pay off-line.

In this case there would be no commission earned for GroupandPay, which would be fine with us, but we do advise that you can’t deny a persons personal preference, as some members would prefer to pay Off-line if the option is available to them, where as others would prefer to pay Online, as it could be a time consuming hassle for them to organize the cash, and meet someone to give the cash to. Whereas, when they pay online then they are done and dusted, and paid up.

Catering for these options on personal preferences is what GroupandPay specializes in, which is to ensure that the system suits as many situations as possible, so it can make the job for the organizer an easier task to collect the money for their group outing. This hopefully will inspire more group outings to be created, now that the organizer has an automated, hassle-free, online system that is transparent for the entire group to see what is been organized for them, and monitor who has paid, and who still has to pay.


1) GroupandPay.com is already on the road to globally change the way people travel in Groups!

2) GroupandPay.com will become the essential tool to inspire more groups to travel around their Interests and Hobbies and create more off-line social experiences now that groups have an automated, hassle-free, online system that is transparent for the entire group to see what is been organized for them, and monitor who has paid, and who still has to pay.