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11 Tips for Organising Group Skiing Holidays

Create awesome Skiing Holidays for your friends!

A skiing holiday is just the same as any other specialist sporting holiday. Organising this kind of trip has some common ground and some of its own unique challenges. To make your trip a success, you need to plan carefully and expect the unexpected. Always keep the group fully informed throughout your planning stage. The secret is to cover all eventualities, so that when the time comes it runs smoothly and the planning is almost invisible. This way you get to enjoy the skiing as well.

1 Choosing the group

This is of great importance, especially on skiing holidays. If you have a group of similar ability then it is not so bad. But where different levels of expertise come in, a bit more thoughtful planning is needed.

If you are planning for a group of close friends or members of a club it is worth looking at the personalities involved. Try not to put people together who are not likely to get on. It’s worth remembering that company bonding exercises can have good and bad, long term repercussions.

Once you have chosen the group, collect email addresses and keep them informed throughout the planning stages by using If you manage to get special discounts, tell them. There is no harm in letting them know that you are doing a good job. The more information they get the better their anticipation of the trip.

2 When and Where?

This takes a bit of effort. Obviously with an activity like skiing you are totally dependent upon the local conditions. Do your homework and check the most likely times of year to get the weather that you want, where you want it. Peak holiday times bring peak prices and these can be double what they are at other times. By looking at historical weather patterns it is possible to find a balance. Fuel costs particularly in Europe have made driving an expensive option. Cheap air tickets can be especially competitive particularly with large groups. Try for those group discounts. If making this an annual event, save your lift passes from the previous year; many resorts give discounts for frequent customers.

Talk to your group, to decide when and where you want to go. However, bear in mind that the conversation is a lot less difficult when you have already done the homework, and have a full holiday itinerary to offer to them.

3 Be mindful of your budget

This is more often than not, a tricky subject. Whilst skiing is not exactly a cheap holiday, it has become more accessible in recent years. Be aware that some members of your group may not be as financially secure as others. Set a budget early on, get the agreement of everyone and stick to it. It is far better for someone to make a decision early on that they cannot afford it, rather than becoming involved then having to pull out.

4 Before you go

Minimise the risk of injury to anyone in the group by getting fit in advance. You can either join a gym or plan your own pre-ski exercises, possible in your own homes. Some good exercise aimed at skiers can be found at Arrange some brisk hill walks or even plan some days out at a local dry ski slope.

Check all your equipment if you have your own, organise advice to others who may be first timers and make sure all the hiring options are known. Make sure all the group understand basic safety precautions and the importance of carrying good sun screen.

5 Those Little Extras

Sometimes it is the tiniest details that leave the biggest impressions. To a certain degree, the resort and the weather will decide how much fun the group has. As the organiser, you can greatly improve the experience with a little local knowledge. Having that last night dinner in the best restaurant in town, that nobody knew about, will leave memories that linger.

Plan ahead and check out small details. Après Ski is a huge part of any holiday of this nature.

When the skiing holiday is over, send out a follow-up email and gather feedback from the participants. This gives you an opportunity to thank them for taking part and also gather information which will prove useful in planning future trips.

6 Use Your Group Buying Power

It is important to remember that at all times while making inquiries into the cost of travel, accommodation or activities, that you have the strength of your group buying power. Any business that can see a booking coming their way with upwards or 10, 20 or 30 people will definitely not want to loose out, and will be happy to offer incentives to win your custom.

If you take for example the many businesses out there that are offering up to a 80% discount on their services including administration fees, to post discount deals on some of the most renowned discount sites like and and many other sites like these, to try and gain customers to promote their services. Bare this in mind if you’re a bit shy when it comes to haggling for discounts, go for it as you’ve nothing to loose, as all they can do is say no.

7 Choosing Accommodations

There are many options for choosing accommodation that need to be considered when considering the level of budget for the overall group. The first and most obvious option is hotel accommodation.

Hotel Accommodation is in abundance on many price comparison sites, but sometimes you already know where you want to go based on recommendations from others who have visited the area where you wish to travel. It is always best practice to contact the hotel directly to see if you can get your own discount for your group booking.

Recommendations from others are most helpful in deciding your accommodation, as you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere!

You can view many of the most popular hotel booking service providers on the Hotels Section of

Private Properties are also another great option for affordable accommodation with a twist. There are many fabulous private luxurious villas available for short-term rentals. Some of these villas are like those in which you would imagine movie stars living in. Some of These will have features beyond your wildest imagination, including private swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and a room for everyone in the group!

The cost of renting these villas can be surprisingly affordable when you divide the cost up among the members of your group. There are many websites that provide these options for you, but you can see them all in one location on the Private Properties Section on

B&B’s are also an option to consider as this might suit a smaller group traveling, especially if you are heading to an area that can be quite expensive for accommodation. This can also be an adventurous option as you are dealing with local people presenting their local hospitality, and local knowledge. You can also view a multiple of service providers offering B&B accommodation from all over the world on the B&B Section on

Hostel’s are a very cost effective option to consider as this might suit a smaller group traveling, especially if you are heading to an area that can be quite expensive for accommodation. Hostels do have rooms with a number of bunks in it that might suit the number of people in your group.

This can be a great solution as sleeping can be the last thing on the itinerary for your group, although it can be a noisy option if everybody comes back at different times with a little too much to drink! There are many Hostel booking agents available on line for booking Hostels all over the world and you can see them all in one location here on the Hostel Section on

8 Keep your Group Informed

It is always best to inform the people in your group of exactly what costs are involved, what is included in the trip and what, if any, discounts you have managed to squeeze out of service providers.

Collecting the money can also be challenging as this can sometimes create difficulty especially when deposits have to be paid. This is where you avail of the services of is a hugely popular online platform that is free for organisers to use when informing their group of what has been arranged for them, and it also provides an easy hassle free system for collecting the money. It prides itself on being very user friendly.

Watch this video to see how it works!

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9 Travel Insurance

Many people overlook this, but it is so important especially if traveling abroad. Group insurance policies are readily available and do not have to be expensive. The peace of mind that it brings is worth it, especially for the organiser. Many companies specialise in this kind of cover. There are many service providers listed here on the Travel Insurance Section on for you to choose from!

10 Need inspiration for Planning your Group Experience?

Check out as they inspire individuals and groups to travel, especially around their interests and hobbies.

Here you will see a multitude of interests and hobbies for you to get inspired from and for each one you will see enthusiasts recommending amazing places to go. You also see them sharing their experiences through videos, photos, and blogs. You can participate in live surveys, or ask questions and partake in live discussions. You can also view all the most popular online specialists stores from all over the world for each interest and hobby, all in one location, and you can even play related online games.

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11 Tell us about your Experiences and Offer Recommendations

If you have created a group travel experience for your buddies that turned out to be an awesome experience, then don’t keep it to yourself, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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