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11 Tips for Organising Club Outings

Tips to Make it Super Easy to Create Amazing Club Outings

As the organiser of any club, you have the responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely for all concerned. The personnel making the trip are normally already decided by the club, though age or health restraints may play a part. Careful planning at an early stage will make the trip a success, and ensure that your time when the trip arrives is not filled with dealing with last minute hitches. It is your trip as well, you should at least get to enjoy it.

1 Personnel

This of course depends upon what type of group you are representing. If your club or group is a junior group, then the activities have to be tailored to suit all age groups. Otherwise the trip has to be aimed at a certain sub group within your organisation.

Some activities of course suit all age groups, and the chance to take part in an activity with different age groups can be of huge universal advantage. Smaller children develop well when challenged and older children gain maturity in looking after smaller kids. It is all about balance and responsibility, and that comes with the planning.

Right from the very beginning send out emails to your group, post on bulletin boards and gain written consent where needed. Keep your group informed at all stages of the planning process.

If you are representing older people, health concerns can be a major issue. Do not leave anything to chance. If anyone has to take medication then you have to be informed. This in fact goes for all ages, within your club. If you are planning a trekking holiday over rough terrain, you simply cannot afford to have someone in the group who has not got the physical capabilities to complete it.

2 Decide on the type of event

There are no restrictions here on your thinking. Club activities can be just about anything. If your club is a sporting one then that probably decides things for you. However, there are literally thousands of ideas out there these days. City walks, ghost tours, trekking holidays, sport camps, murder mystery weekends and so many more, it’s impossible to list. Check out the alternatives and come up with something that will suit your club, whilst at the same time throw up an unusual challenge and surprise a few.

You will know the personalities within your club already. Bear these personalities in mind at the planning stage. The idea is to be as inclusive as possible, whilst at the same time pushing and challenging the individuals within the group.

3 Be mindful of your budget

Again, trying to be as inclusive as possible will determine the success of your trip. There is no point in planning an amazing week away on an exciting jaunt that only 10% of your club can afford. At this point it may well be worth looking for sponsors. Certainly large groups can demand discounts on travel, accommodation and the actual activities themselves. Never be afraid of asking, the worst that can happen is that you don’t get a discount.

4 Location location location

In most cases the type of activity that you choose will determine where it is you actually end up. But in many cases there will be multiple choices for similar activities. The location can be everything. Local weather and geography can make or break a trip. A camping weekend in glorious sunny southern France is more likely to receive positive comments afterwards than one in a freezing cold wet northern England. Both countries offer great opportunities but the weather has to figure in your thinking.

Sometimes a trip to a foreign land might have greater travel costs, but these are more than offset by the local cost of living. Do your homework and reap the rewards.

5 The sky is the limit

With modern travel costs, inventive activity centres and new technologies, there is no limit to the variety of getaway your club can enjoy. Thinking outside the box will improve your choices and stretch the minds of your club members. The most important thing with club activities is that it benefits all the group. You don’t want to exclude anyone, by monetary, health or any other restraints. Most difficulties can be surmounted. The great benefit of a club, is that the members look after each other. However, regardless of which type of activity you choose, your planning and organisation will be key to a successful event. Be organised and plan carefully and you will guarantee the success of your trip and the enjoyment for your members and yourself.

After you have enjoyed your weekend send a follow-up email to all in your club. Get their feedback and ensure that future events are even better.

6 Use Your Group Buying Power

It is important to remember that at all times while making inquiries into the cost of travel, accommodation or activities, that you have the strength of your group buying power. Any business that can see a booking coming their way with upwards or 10, 20 or 30 people will definitely not want to loose out, and will be happy to offer incentives to win your custom.

If you take for example the many businesses out there that are offering up to a 80% discount on their services including administration fees, to post discount deals on some of the most renowned discount sites like and and many other sites like these, to try and gain customers to promote their services. Bare this in mind if you’re a bit shy when it comes to haggling for discounts, go for it as you’ve nothing to loose, as all they can do is say no.

7 Choosing Accommodations

There are many options for choosing accommodation that need to be considered when considering the level of budget for the overall group. The first and most obvious option is hotel accommodation.

Hotel Accommodation is in abundance on many price comparison sites, but sometimes you already know where you want to go based on recommendations from others who have visited the area where you wish to travel. It is always best practice to contact the hotel directly to see if you can get your own discount for your group booking.

Recommendations from others are most helpful in deciding your accommodation, as you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere!

You can view many of the most popular hotel booking service providers on the Hotels Section of

Private Properties are also another great option for affordable accommodation with a twist. There are many fabulous private luxurious villas available for short-term rentals. Some of these villas are like those in which you would imagine movie stars living in. Some of These will have features beyond your wildest imagination, including private swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and a room for everyone in the group!

The cost of renting these villas can be surprisingly affordable when you divide the cost up among the members of your group. There are many websites that provide these options for you, but you can see them all in one location on the Private Properties Section on

B&B’s are also an option to consider as this might suit a smaller group traveling, especially if you are heading to an area that can be quite expensive for accommodation. This can also be an adventurous option as you are dealing with local people presenting their local hospitality, and local knowledge. You can also view a multiple of service providers offering B&B accommodation from all over the world on the B&B Section on

Hostel’s are a very cost effective option to consider as this might suit a smaller group traveling, especially if you are heading to an area that can be quite expensive for accommodation. Hostels do have rooms with a number of bunks in it that might suit the number of people in your group.

This can be a great solution as sleeping can be the last thing on the itinerary for your group, although it can be a noisy option if everybody comes back at different times with a little too much to drink! There are many Hostel booking agents available on line for booking Hostels all over the world and you can see them all in one location here on the Hostel Section on

8 Keep your Group Informed

It is always best to inform the people in your group of exactly what costs are involved, what is included in the trip and what, if any, discounts you have managed to squeeze out of service providers.

Collecting the money can also be challenging as this can sometimes create difficulty especially when deposits have to be paid. This is where you avail of the services of is a hugely popular online platform that is free for organisers to use when informing their group of what has been arranged for them, and it also provides an easy hassle free system for collecting the money. It prides itself on being very user friendly.

Watch this video to see how it works!

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9 Travel Insurance

Many people overlook this, but it is so important especially if traveling abroad. Group insurance policies are readily available and do not have to be expensive. The peace of mind that it brings is worth it, especially for the organiser. Many companies specialise in this kind of cover. There are many service providers listed here on the Travel Insurance Section on for you to choose from!

10 Need inspiration for Planning your Group Experience?

Check out as they inspire individuals and groups to travel, especially around their interests and hobbies.

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11 Tell us about your Experiences and Offer Recommendations

If you have created a group travel experience for your buddies that turned out to be an awesome experience, then don’t keep it to yourself, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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